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When She Doesn’t Want Sex

I get lots of questions from guys who seemingly married a woman that was hot for sex, only to watch their sex lives dwindle later as she becomes more “frigid” – their words, not mine. I haveContinue Reading →

Sex When the Going Gets Tough

Shit happens and for those in a partnered relationship it can be especially taxing on the ol’sex life. Whether it is trouble with the kids, health issues or money problems, how do couples continue to connectContinue Reading →

Slut Shaming

I get questions from lots of progressive women who “date” a lot, that you would think would be sexually secure, but who still get caught up in moralizing their sexuality. Most of them are well-adjusted andContinue Reading →

The Hows and Whys of Semen Retention

I know what you’re thinking. What’s the point? Orgasm with ejaculation already feels good. Could it get any better? My answer is yes…potentially. I’ve been on both sides of this proverbial coin. There is a western understandingContinue Reading →