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When She Doesn’t Want Sex

Man is worried about his relation

I get lots of questions from guys who seemingly married a woman that was hot for sex, only to watch their sex lives dwindle later as she becomes more “frigid” – their words, not mine. I haveContinue Reading →

Sex When the Going Gets Tough


Shit happens and for those in a partnered relationship it can be especially taxing on the ol’sex life. Whether it is trouble with the kids, health issues or money problems, how do couples continue to connectContinue Reading →

The Last Couple Standing


Just like a child that still adores their old tattered blankie, many of us cling to relationships for the same reason. Our relationships may have been bruised and beaten but somehow that just endears us allContinue Reading →

Sexual Astrology

Neon sings of Venus and Mars

Is there anything to sexual astrology? Can where and when you were born determine who is the best sex partner for you? I spent years editing and working with an astrologist at another website. Often times,Continue Reading →