The Last Couple Standing

Just like a child that still adores their old tattered blankie, many of us cling to relationships for the same reason. Our relationships may have been bruised and beaten but somehow that just endears us all the more to them. Granted, I am saying all of this with the assumption of said relationship being healthy. Yes, there are the ups and downs of life. The downsizing, disease and turbulence of day to day life that gets weathered by us all. Some won’t weather the little disasters let alone the bigger ones. But there are those relationships, that much like the cockroach after a nuclear apocalypse, just won’t die.

Everyone knows a couple like this. They scream and fight. They say horrible things to one another. There is no romance. There is simply tolerance from what any of us can tell. Yet these people stick together. Whether it’s for the kids or stubbornness, their relationship survives regardless of explosions or implosions, and it is so damn annoying. In fact, I’ve known couples who can’t stand being around these couples because their bad behavior rubs off on their own relationships.

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