Basic Instinct Meets Fifty Shades Thanks to Lisa Renee Jones

Not everyone can write erotica. I’ve read quite a bit of it over the years being an editor for a couple of different websites. Some of it is good and a lot of it is, well…let’s say not so engaging. I like the idea of women writing erotica for other women though. But we’ve sort of gotten a bad wrap over the years of being attracted to erotic lit that was pretty low brow. 

So when the author Lisa Renee Jones virtually introduced herself to me, I was suspect. I mean I have been approached by authors before to endorse their newest titles and I never found any I wanted to put my name behind. But I soon discovered this chick was legit and better yet we had a nice chemistry going. What I have most appreciated about her is that she cares about how she portrays sex in her books — sexually healthy, robust and compelling. Plus we both realized that there might be ways we could work together and include in the equation. Quite a three-way, if you ask me.

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