Steamy Erotic Lit Author Partners with Dr. Kat

Lisa Renee in the flesh.

“Her name was Lisa and I could feel the electricity emanating between us as soon as she walked in the room. Would this be an illicit one time affair or would we get tangled in one another’s sensual and complicated worlds? I could now feel her breath on the back of my neck. I turn around abruptly as the tingling sensation runs up and down my spine. “So” she says, in that breathy way she does, “what exactly are we going to do together?”

This is bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT TRILOGY. Think of a cross between Fifty Shades of Grey and Basic Instinct. Since 2003 she has written 30 best selling novels. My work “affair” began with her when she approached me about consulting on the use of sex toys and BDSM in her newest book trilogy, The INSIDE OUT series: If I Were You, Being Me, and Revealing Us. She also developed a journal series related to the novels which actually features me, as a sexologist. The main character seeks some sex and relationship advice.

Anyway, fast forward and now all of us are engaged in an orgy of product development and placement with Lisa and I have been hitting the web with a blog tour and will soon be embarking on a media tour this summer.The Trilogy just got optioned by the STARZ network, so who knows? Will this be a life long long affair or just a steamy one night stand? Either way, I’m happy we’re scratching one another’s back. Meow…