Make Your Mattress Sing This Spring!

Spring is here, but for many in long-term relationships the season might not coincide with springs squeaking and popping in mattresses – you know, the really good kinds of squeaks and pops. Here are some unique ways to get those springs making their happy noises again.

Five Simple Suggestions for Mattress Music:

1. If your partner is taking a shower, offer to hop in and wash his or her back. Get a bottle of the yummiest smelling body wash you can find and surprise him/her with it as you lather up.

2. Offer your lover a foot rub before they get out of bed in the morning or right before they fall asleep. It might not lead to a romp right then, but it sure sends a message of love.

3. Allow the “honey I’m off to work and I’ll see you this afternoon kiss” to linger.

4. Throw some tongue into it, cup an butt cheek or fondle a breast. If the kids are having breakfast, excuse yourself to go out to get the morning paper together for a little grope. So what if the neighbors stare?

5. While running errands together, pull off the road for a few minutes of fondling. You’re adults. As long as you aren’t blocking traffic the police probably won’t give you a second glance.