How to Take A Truly Sexy Boudoir Photo

I know that it seems like the advent of sexting your pic to hordes of people is all the rage but I’ve been asked by clients more than once, what the best way is to take a truly steamy boudoir photo. A boudoir photo involves more than just lifting your skirt to shoot your ya-ya of the sisterhood. It has a different intention. You want to titillate your partner with your sexiness; you want to emote your essence through the camera in a steamy setting with maybe just a few production values. Doing a boudoir photo really tells your partner how much you want them and it can be nice to have the photos around to look back on as you age — a nice time capsule. The process can reinforce your self esteem had help you really embrace your inner sexuality. Here are a few tips to consider…


The nice thing is that your photos can be as explicit as you’d like. Anything from a come hither look to a full frontal can be appropriate. It all comes down to what you feel comfortable exposing and what you think might appeal to your partner. Just make sure you’re ok with it for the long haul. Break ups do happen and photos do leak. Destroy what you don’t use.


Embrace exactly as you are in this moment. Don’t feel like you need to go on a crash diet. Your own skin is what’s beautiful. This can be a great exercise in really embracing it. Get comfortable with your own body. Try clothes on ahead of time so you know what will fit and what you feel most sexy in. Use mirrors or do selfies to explore different angles to shoot from so you know you will be happy with the final result.

Who? How?

There are plenty of professional photographers who now specialize in boudoir photos. Certain photographers definitely have a comfort level with this sort of content. A good tripod can be helpful in shooting them yourself. But truly a second pair of eyes and someone who can hold the camera in multiple angles is really helpful, so using a trusted friend can be a good way to go. Or include your partner. It can be really sexy to have him shoot you in your steamiest moments. It can be a great form of foreplay.


Make sure you are in a quiet and closed off area. You should be able to be completely comfortable in be undisturbed. You can make over your own bedroom with some satiny fabric. Be sure to experiment with lighting in the photos too. Props can be an awesome addition as well. Peacock feathers, silk pillows and candles can help get you in the mood. Having a drink ahead of time couldn’t hurt either in removing those inhibitions.

 Making love to the camera

Many women say they couldn’t imagine how to smolder in front of a camera. But getting in touch with your sexy side can be easier than you think. Run your hottest fantasy through your mind while you are posing. Feel free to masturbate prior or in between shots. And if all else fails, channel that feeling of orgasmic ecstasy though the camera as though it was your partner.

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