Kama Sutra: Ultimate Orgasm Guide

Price: $29.95


Strengthen Your Orgasm With Specialized Sex Positions!
Narrated by clinical sexologist Dr. Kat
Includes instructional booklet and soundtrack

Experience explosive, body-shaking orgasms with over a dozen specially designed sex positions! Each position is fully demonstrated from beginning to end by one of five different couples. Adam & Eve’s resident sex-pert Dr. Kat describes each position and how it benefits both partners so you and your lover can easily try them all out at home! As an added bonus, the guide comes with a fully illustrated booklet describing each position and an audio CD with the soundtrack. 95 minutes, plus 59 bonus minutes.

Some of the positions include:

The Standing Dolphin
This position gives the woman a floating or flying sensation while putting the man firmly in control for fast and energetic sex.

Filling the Well
Ideal for couples that like deep penetration, this position actually involves no thrusting at all! Instead it relies on special hip movements to maximize her stimulation. The unique nature of the position and enhanced sensations make it easier for her to orgasm compared to more traditional positions.

The Lotus
Requiring a little more flexibility, this position raises her hips and body to the perfect angle for G-Spot stimulation. If you’re having a hard time finding or massaging her G-Spot, then you’ll both love the Lotus!

And many more!

Adam & Eve recommends Kama Sutra: Ultimate Orgasm Guide for couples interested in expanding their sexual horizons.

Bonus material includes: 1 bonus sex scene, adult movie trailers, behind the scenes featurette, movie photographs and more.