Kat and Ross’ New Gay Guide to Sex Intro

We just finished all sixteen episodes in one nine hour shoot when I was in Hawaii last month. The producers are still fiddling with the episodes but I had to leak the intro. Ridic!

After all those hours of shooting, I thought Ross’ husband Jeff was going to kick Mario (our video guy extraordinaire) and I out on our tuckuses. What with the massive sex toy prop table, constant shine checks on both of our prominent schnozes and my taking up Jeff’s spot in their marital bed for part of the shoot.

Sorry if I left a sweat spot on your high thread count sheets, Jeffy. I’m pretty sure I’ve been forgiven though, I left the 18 inch cock named, Bam there as location payment. Bam makes an appearance in the intro. You’ll know him when you see him. he’s large, dark and handsome.

Without further, adu…

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