Dr. Kat Caught in Illicit Sex Toy Ring in West Palm Beach

Or not…made you look!

So, I just returned from the mecca of facial rejuvenation and teeny weeny bikinis having  shot our second infomercial for AdamandEve.com.  Actually we shot more like our 4th-6th long form episode (they are each a half hour each and feature totally different sex toys in each). The cool thing about these infomercials (yes, there is a sales pitch), but it’s that we truly get into the nitty gritty of the benefits, function and how to use each toy. That’s part of the reason I feel good about doing these commercial ventures, because you can actually come away with learning something new. And I like the fact that we represent sex in a healthy way on mainstream television channels. Ok, it’s in the middle of the night but at least we’re there next to the Ahhh Bras, Pajama Jeans and erection supplements that don’t work.

Anyway, the location was actually totally amazing. We were right off the beach and the intercostal waterway was in the background of this stellar contemporary house. There was not one room that looked like a Golden Girl lived there, I swear. My co-host Jana Burgess was the bomb to work with. She’s gorgeous, fun and had a fabulous inquisitive nature about the product that I think will translate well to viewers. I’m also going to give a shout out here to the director and crew who are the height of professionalism and after a 10 hour day know how to eat and drink well. Me likey.  Bautista Marketing who put the shoot together with my friends at A&E include some of my favorite people in the world and helped me get the shoot moved up to deal with some family issues — it’s hard for a Mommy to be gone for 5 days. I guess this is where I thank my kiddos, husband and in laws for holding down the fort and making coming home sooooo nice.

Ok, so I’m not actually giving an Academy Award speech. I just wanted to comment on what an awesome process the shoot was and how excited I’ll be for all of you out there to see the finished product. I can say without reservation that these are even better than the first two we did. Television testing should begin next month. I’ll keep you posted. In the mean time here are some pics from the shoot my little kimosabes.