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Bad Bachelor/Bachelorette Behavior

Originally published April 23, 2013 It’s getting to be that time of year again, not just blushing brides and coordinated tuxes for wedding season but beers being shotgunned and the guest of honor’s face in theContinue Reading →

Tumblr’s True Sex Stories

Would you ever divulge your deepest, darkest sexual secrets on the internet? Well, many women are thanks to Tumblr’s dotellstories that anyone can follow. It was derived out of the  documentary Subjectified: Nine Young Women Talk aboutContinue Reading →

Why I Am A Sexologist

There aren’t too many Sexologists out there and since it is a small community most of us know one another. There is one constant that we all seem to get asked many times over the courseContinue Reading →

Three Wedding Night Mistakes

Ah, the wedding night — so romantic and sexy. But often our wedding nights end up being less stellar than what we had hoped for. After the pressure of staging the “perfect” wedding, many of usContinue Reading →