Adam & Eve’s Guide To The Kama Sutra

Price: $29.95


Enjoy a month’s worth of different sex positions!

Includes illustrated position guide and musical CD

Filled with 35 different positions, this comprehensive guide to the Kama Sutra is sure to keep you and your lover busy!

Adam and Eve’s Guide to the Karma Sutra features 25 different sex positions and 10 oral sex positions. Dr. Kat, a clinical sexologist and relationship therapist, describes each position in detail, from assuming the position to its different benefits. One of five different couples then demonstrates the position. Multiple cameras capture every angle so you can easily re-create the position with your partner at home. 73 minutes, plus 23 bonus minutes.

Some of our favorite positions include:

  • Crying Out – The face-to-face contact increases intimacy and allows for greater depth control.
  • Pine Tree – Allows one partner to play with the others’ feet during sex or lean forward to kiss them.
  • Transverse Lute – Allows the top partner to quickly and easily change angles for deeper penetration, increased comfort, or to hit their erogenous zone
  • Sixth Position – Great for deep penetration and G-Spot stimulation during sex
  • The Mare & The Swing – This puts the woman in charge to control thrusting while offering improved clitoral stimulation.

The DVD also comes with an illustrated guide and music CD. The guide depicts all the positions shown in the movie along with Dr. Kat’s commentary to make finding and trying new positions easier. And while you’re working your way through all the different sex positions, you can play the romantic music CD in the background to help set the mood.

Adam & Eve recommends the Guide to the Kama Sutra for couples interested in trying new positions and spicing up their relationship.